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Total number of sequences in local queue: 0
Total number of sequences in remote queue: 0

Statistics (since 2015-02-23)

Number of finished sequences: 17698403
Number of finished jobs: 361913 (of which 187245 via web and 174665 via wsdl)
Number of unique users (by IP address): 28527
Number of countries the jobs have been submitted from: 113  (details)

Extreme cases:

  • The longest sequence predicted by TOPCONS (35991 a.a.) link
  • The sequence with most TM helices predicted by TOPCONS (311 helices) link
  • The sequence takes longest time to predict by TOPCONS (1 day) link

List of most active users:

Sorted by number of jobs

IP Country NumJob NumSeq
130.237.*.* Sweden 29860 29997
85.229.*.* Sweden 24643 27611
212.87.*.* Poland 20037 20037
132.76.*.* Israel 14710 29246
130.229.*.* Sweden 12079 12079
130.229.*.* Sweden 10222 10222
132.76.*.* Israel 6502 33387
130.229.*.* Sweden 5694 5694
130.229.*.* Sweden 4430 4606
130.229.*.* Sweden 4351 4560

Sorted by number of sequences

IP Country NumJob NumSeq
146.244.*.* United States 18 736249
18.79.*.* United States 189 639378
193.225.*.* Hungary 119 516111
218.6.*.* China 4 502097
130.229.*.* Sweden 462 472579
96.89.*.* United States 315 458510
144.173.*.* United Kingdom 9 385401
202.41.*.* India 150 379894
137.248.*.* Germany 955 377548
131.215.*.* United States 18 350258

Frequency of submission over time:

By number of jobs day week month year

By number of sequences day week month year

Running time of query sequences:

The sequences profiles of TOPCONS might be built by three methods.
  • Pfam: when Pfam domains can be found for the query sequences.
  • CDD: when Pfam domains cannot be found, but CDD (Conserved Domain Database) domains are found for the query sequences.
  • Uniref: when neither Pfam domains nor CDD domains can be found for the query sequences, a blast searching in Uniref90 is done.
Average running time
Average running time

Average running time versus length of query sequences
average running time versus sequence length

Dot plot for running time versus length of query sequences
running time versus sequence length

Response time of submitted jobs versus number of sequences of jobs

Since the response time of submitted jobs might be affected by the server downtime, the median value for each bin is used.

Waiting time
Waiting time of jobs Total running time
Waiting time of jobs

Number of sequences of submitted jobs

A job with one or several sequences can be submitted via the form on the web-page or by the command line script using WSDL service. size of submitted jobs

Proteins predicted with signal peptide vs those without